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Stand Up paddle boarding gives you the magical feeling of walking on water. Approach it aggressively and really push yourself for work out benefits or paddle at a relaxing pace to rejuvenate your soul.
It's easier than you think!  Come try it today with us!

Choose from 3 SUP brands and 7+ models and sizes.
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If we don't have what you are looking for, we will order it at no additional cost to you (this does not apply to sale items).
Our inventory is always changing. See a sampling of our SUPs below. Please contact us for current inventory.

- Entry Level SUPs -



DURA TEC - 5 Models
The DURA-TEC range are the toughest SUPs on the market : the combination of a highly resistant polyethylene skin and a high density polyurethane foam core makes for boards that are built to last. 
9’10" shown here: $749.95 • Specs: 9'10”L x 32.5”w • 38 lbs
Dura Tec 9'4"$649.95 
• Specs: 9'4”L x 27.5”w • 30 lbs
Dura Tec 10’4 $749.95 • Specs: 10’4”L x 31”w • 35 lbs
Dura Tec 11’4 $749.95 • Specs: 11’4”L x 32”w • 41lbs

DURA-TEC boards provide a high level of durability with the true boardsport feel and performance of higher priced, and much more fragile, epoxy boards. Suitable for a wide range of users in both flatwater and small wave conditions.
Shown here: $549.95  • Specs: 8’4”L x 23.25”w • 21lbs

Nalu - 2 Models
A sit-on-top you can stand up and paddle! At 11 feet, the Nalu 11 is at home in the ocean or on rivers -it's highly maneuverable and much tougher than a composite board. For affordable stand up paddling the Nalu is a great choice. Stand up or sit down!
Nalu 11 shown here: $599.99 • Specs: 11’L x 31”w• 44lbs
Nalu 12.5: 
$699.99 • Specs: 12'.5"L x 30.5”w • 50lbs

The Surfer
Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out on the water and feeling comfortable fast. The Ultimate do anything board-lakes, rivers, oceans-the Surfer is at home in all waters. Made from blow molded polyethylene, this is one tough and durable board.
Shown here: $599.99 • Specs: 9'.9"L x 34”w • 48lbs

- All-round SUPs -

The Soft-Tec - 3 Models 
SOFT-TEC combines the lightweight performance technology with the comfort and user-friendliness of a SOFT board. Featuring a rugged shell for unmatched durability. The top features a plush EVA deck pad which wraps around the rails. 
Shown here 11.6: $1,149.95 • Specs: 11'.6"L x 32.5”w • 29lbs
Soft-Tec 10.6: $1,099.95 
• Specs: 10'.6"L x 31.5”w • 25lbs
Soft-Tec 10: 
$1,099.95 • Specs: 10'L x 33”w • 27lbs

Ace-Tec Cross Series - 4 Models
All the best features found in the award-winning 10’ version, but in a larger size for added stability, floatation and functionality. The 11’ CROSS is the most stable, user-friendly board in our range, making SUP a breeze for riders up to 300lbs. Great for fishing and is an incredibly stable yoga/fitness platform. 
11' Cross shown here: $1,149.95 • Specs: 11'L x 34”w • 34lbs
10' Cross: $1,099.95 • Specs: 10'L x 33”w • 27lbs
10' Cross-fit: $1,248.95 • Specs: 10'L x 33”w • 27lbs
11' Cross Adventure: $1,299.95 • Specs: 11'L x 34”w • 34lbs

 ACE-TEC Performer - 3 Models
SUP is an ideal all-around SUP for novice riders up to 240lbs and will perform in the surf zone for more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. 
11'6" shown here: $1,999.95 • Specs: 11'6"L x 32.5”w • 30 lbs
ACE TEC Perform 10'6": $1,149.95 
• Specs: 11'6"L x 32.5”w • 30 lbs
ACE TEC Wahine 10'6": $1,149.95 • Specs: 11'6"L x 32.5”w • 30 lbs


The Soft
With the goal of making SUP accessible to all, BIC has designed the SUP Soft board which are ideal for families, fitness/yoga enthusiasts as well as instructional programs. 
The Soft shown here • $999.95 • Specs: 10’6”L x 33”w • 25lbs

ACE TEC Original - 3 Models
A composite of a polystyrene core covered with glass fiber and epoxy followed by a thermoformed finishing coat results in light weight boards that are rigid and highly knock-resistant. 
 11'6" shown here  • $999.95 • Specs: 11’6”L x 32.5”w • 30 lbs
ACE TEC 10'6": $999.95 • Specs: 10’6”L x 31.5”w • 26 lbs
ACE TEC 9'6": $949.95 • Specs: 9’6”L x 28”w • 23 lbs


The Speeder
It's rewarding when every time you take a stroke, you feel the Imagine Speeder Stand Up Paddleboard accelerate. A center hatch provides gear storage, and the built-in seat back and footrests means it can be paddled like a kayak. 
Shown here: $799.99 • Specs: 11'L x 30”w • 59 lbs

- Touring SUPs -

ACE TEC Wing - 2 Models
A Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, flatwater cruising, open ocean touring and recreational racing. It’s aimed at medium and larger riders looking for a board with excellent glide that is versatile and easy to ride. 
12'6" Shown here: $1,299.95 • Specs: 12’6”L x 30”w • 34 lbs
ACE TEC Wing 11: $1,199
.95 • Specs: 11' L x 29”w • 27 lbs

The Mission has proven itself over and over again to be the perfect design for touring, fitness and adventure paddling. The displacement hull and plum bow combined with ample width and flat standing area makes for one fast and stable board.
Shown here: $1,459.99 • Specs: 12'6" L x 30”w • 32 lbs

The Crossover
If you are the kind of paddler that wants to paddle on flat water, but still hit up the ocean and stroke into a few fun waves then this is the board for you. The Crossover design was pioneered by Imagine and has been copied by many others, but never perfected. 
Shown here: $1,599.99 • Specs: 12'" L x 31”w • 30 lbs

    Brent witnessing paddleboard history in the           making. This gentleman was the first ever to         complete the 70 mile General Clinton Canoe           Regatta on a stand up paddelboard! 

                             Fun for all ages!

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