Shuttles & Deliveries 

2828 NYS Route 28, Portlandville NY

  • Reservation required for a shuttle 
  • Reservation required for delivery 
  • Minimum full day rental for delivery
  • Rent a boat from us or bring your own boat
  • Shuttle is not necessary for rentals from our dock
  • Two locations connected by water! 
  • Shuttles & Deliveries provided from Portlandville Paddle Sports Store


Shuttle Services 

Shuttle Service is an optional service
we provide to paddlers interested in longer river trips.


        Recent College graduates on a river trip.

The easy way to do river trips.
Bring your own boat, rent, or a combination. Park at our shop and jump in the kayak truck.  C&K will load up the gear and unload to launch you with a smile. The Portlandville Paddle Sports Store is the perfect ending spot, not only is your car already there waiting for you but we will greet you with a smile upon arrival and take care of all equiment.
Drinks and snacks are available at the shop to quench your thirst after your paddle. 


Crumhorn to Portlandville

 First Boat*        Skill Level            Distance         Trip Length  
     $10.00            Beginner              3.3 miles    Half day  2 -3 hours
  $3.00 Each additional boat        

Crumhorn DEC car top boat launch is recently developed to aid in kayak launch. Enter the Susquehanna river with ease and its just a quick trip to our shop. This is a great trip with kids in tow. 


Milford Bridge to Portlandville

First Boat*      Skill Level            Distance                 Trip Length  
   $15.00               Beginner              7.7 miles                Half day 3 - 4 hours
$3.00 Each additional boat

Milford bridge is an easy launch point, our most reasonable trip for intermediate to beginner paddlers. From milford bridge to our shop in Portlandville is only 7.7 miles, slow moving water. Winding through the trees and natural landscape, look out for bald eagles fishing the river and deer on the shoreline.  


Compton Bridge to Portlandville

 First Boat*      Skill Level        Distance                 Trip Length
$20.00          Intermediate       15 miles              Full day 5 - 6 hours
 $3.00 each additional boat

Compton Bridge, locally know as 11c, where Oak Creek merges into the Susquehanna River. The water is moving upon entry and slows soon after. If you aren't up for the trip all the way from Cooperstown this is a great option. We recommend more experienced paddlers for this trip. A decent length clocking in at 15 miles, 5 -6 hours so make sure to pack water and snacks. 


Cooperstown to Portlandville

First Boat*      Skill Level        Distance      Trip Length                 
    $25.00            Advanced        21 miles      Full day 6 - 8 hours
 * $3.00 Each additional boat

This is our longest available river trip. You can start at our location in Cooperstown at Brookwood Point, paddle through Otsego Lake into the head of the historic Susquehanna River all the way to our Portlandville location. We recommend this trip for the more experienced paddler, it is an all day trip with some moving water and switchback turns. Pack a lunch and spend the day on the river!

    Delivery Service

Enjoying a weekly summer rental?
We deliver to your waterfront lodging!

                                     The Kayak truck en route to Delivery.

Canoe & Kayak will deliver for a minimun of a full day rental.

Car top kits available for offsite rentals. Basic instruction provided on securing a kayak to your vehicle. 

      Delivery Rates: 

Location                            Rate
Goodyear Lake                  Free
Arnold Lake                      $20.00
Otsego Lake                     $25.00
Canadarago Lake             $30.00