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It all started when...

Our BICSUP rep was making his rounds at our shop in Portlandville one day; and he told our manager Brent about this new electric skateboard! He said anyone who is into board-sports would love the Onewheel. He went on to say that folks where claiming the Onewheel felt like snow boarding in deep powder! Naturally Brent being an avid snowboarder was eager to try it out. 

Moments later Brent was hooked on the Onewheel and all the fun it has to offer! The Onewheel can go on all kinds of terrain, pavement, dirt, sand, grass and more. This new age toy is more fun than words can say. Come on down to Canoe & Kayaks's Portlandville PaddleSports store and get your very own Onewheel. 

Reg Price: $1,499

ONE SALE Now: $999.99!!

Shipping also available