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- Recreational Kayaks -

Heron Series - 7 models
The Heron family is the result of many decades of building recreational kayaks. With a compact sporty design the Heron family is easy-to-paddle, tracks well and maneuvers with ease. Perfect for beginning paddlers.
Price range: $379.99 - $849.99
Heron 9 shown here $379.99 • Specs: 9'6"L x 28.5" W • 37lbs

Vapor Series - 5 models 
This sporty kayak series offers a stable, efficient and comfortable ride. A large cockpit opening offers ample room to move around. These high volume kayaks can really pack a load. Perfect for anglers, sportsmen and recreational paddlers alike.
Price Range: $399.99 - $699.99
 Vapor 10 shown here $399.99 • Specs: 10'L x 28.5" W • 47lbs

Rip Series - 2 models
The Rip a lively, playful beginner to intermediate kayak designed to help grow paddling skills without sacrificing fun on the water. New for 2014 is a built in drop down skeg making the Rip both agile and maneuverable.
Price range: $699.99 -$799.99
Rip 10 shown here $699.99 • Specs: 10'6"L x 28.5" W • 43lbs

Camden Series - 2 models
The Camden series is loaded with a richness of features not found in most recreational kayaks. Smooth planing hull that will astound you with its glide to storage solutions that will impress you with their functionality.
Price Range: $749.99 - $849.99
Camden 120 shown here $849.99 • Specs: 12'6"L x 28.5" W • 51lbs

Dirigo Series - 5 models
The time-tested Dirigo is beloved for its friendly, easy-to-paddle nature. A roomy cockpit and excellent initial stability make this series a perfect choice for almost anyone. 
Price Range: $749.99 -$1,099.99
Dirigo 106 shown here $749.99 • Specs: 10.6'L x 27.75" W • 42lbs

    - Fishing Kayaks -

Vapor Angler - 2 models
Vapor Angler kayaks are value packed for the weekend warrior. They provide the right amount of fishing features to get you started along with a roomy cockpit, and stable, efficient hull. Just bait and cast, and you are ready to reel in the big one!
Price Range: $499.99 - $649.99
Vapor 10 Ang shown here: $499.99 
 • Specs: 10'L x 28.5" W • 49lbs

Heron Angler - 2 Models
The Heron Angler series is an easy-to-paddle kayak that can maneuver perfectly into your favorite fishing spot. A great choice for casual anglers who are seeking an affordable, lightweight kayak for fishing and cruising in calm waters.
Price Range: $479.99 - $849.99
Heron 9 Ang shown here: 
$479.99  • Specs: 9'6"L x 28.5" W • 39lbs

Predator Series - 3 Models
Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike.
Price Range: $1,299.99 - $2,699.99
Predator 13 show here: $1,399.99 
• Specs: 13'2"L x 33.5" W • 86lbs

Trident Series - 2 models
The Trident 11 and 13 feature a modular fishing pod, this central command center provides unmatched flexibility for rod mounts along with sports trays for odd-shaped lures, and it even has a built-in ruler to make sure that catch is legal.
Price Range: $999.99  - $1,099.99
Trident 13 shown here: 
$1,099.99 • Specs: 13'6"L x 29.5" W • 67lbs

            - Touring Kayaks -

Looksha Series - 7 models
This series of outstanding touring kayaks has excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics. Each Looksha is shaped and meticulously constructed with all-day comfort and enough room for all the gear a trip calls for. 
Price Range: $1,099.99 - $4,599.99
Shown here:  $1,499.99 • Specs: 14'1.5"L x 24.5" W • 54lbs

Manitou Series - 5 models
If there was one type of kayak that could meld sea touring hull design with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak, the Manitou series is it. They are at home on a calm lake, or rough coastline. It’s hard to think of a more well-rounded series!
Price Range: $899.99 - $1,399.99
Shown here: $1,399.99 • Specs: 13'1"L x 25" W • 50lbs

Elias Series - 2 models
A playful and comfortable craft, the Elias offers a performance fit cockpit that enables paddlers to 'grip' the boat for edging and lean turning while still maintaining an easy feel for the more casual paddler. Good primary stability and excellent secondary stability. 
Price Range: $1,599.99 -$4,399.99
Shown here: $1,599.99
 • Specs: 15'6"L x 22.25" W • 56lbs

Chatham Series - 2 models
Coastal play boats built to tame the biggest conditions – high winds, surf, and more. These kayaks offer the ultimate in stability and handling on edge. Chathams are the ultimate performers in rough water conditions where high wind and rough seas prevail.
Price Range: $1,799.99 - $4,499.99
Show Here: $1,849.99 • Specs: 17'1.5"L x 21" W • 62lbs

                         -Sit-on-top Kayaks -

Frenzy - 1 Model
Are you looking for compact, affordable fun kayak for everyone in the family? Take a look at the Frenzy. It has the stability, a strong keel line for good tracking in a compact craft. It’s the kayak that people keep for a lifetime.
Show Here: $479.99 • Specs: 9'L x 31" W • 44lbs

Tetra Series - 2 Models
Sleek and sporty, the Tetra series is perfect for the small to medium build paddler. Compact and easy to maneuver the Tetras are equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back. Nimble and fun - perfect in a variety of water conditions. 
Price Range: $749.99 - $849.99
Shown Here: $749.99 • Specs: 10'8" x 29.5" W • 47lbs

Vector series - 2 Models
The Vector 14 isn’t your “traditional” sit-on-top. This kayak was designed to push the performance envelope. While the secondary stability is high the initial stability allows paddlers to lean turn or sit it up on edge with ease. 
Price Range: $1,099.99 - $1,199.99
Shown Here: $1199.99
 • Specs: 14'1" x 25" W • 62lbs

Peekaboo - 1 Model
Go ahead, take a peek! The Peekaboo’s unique design includes a large viewing window so you can see underwater while you paddle. Perfect for family fun, the Peekaboo features a kid’s jump seat so you can share the view.
Shown Here: $899.99 • Specs: 11'11" x 34" W • 61lbs

Malibu Two- 1 model
 The most popular compact, lightweight tandem sit-on-top in the world. Stable and versatile, it can be paddled solo or tandem. Fits two adults plus a small child or pet.
Shown Here: $679.99 • Specs: 12' x 34" W • 57lbs

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